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Our Story

Copper Pot Farm has been providing the Taos community with fresh produce since 2012.

We are infinitely inspired by and dedicated to growing high quality, nutrient-dense produce without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. 

We are a family of five: Chris, Fiona, and our boys Sebastian, Achaius, and Nykolai. Our love for each other and farming has grown as the farm has grown. 

We started growing field crops like garlic, potatoes, peas, and squash in Talpa, New Mexico where we irrigated from the Acequia Madre Del Rio Chichito. We later moved the farm to Miranda Canyon where we now irrigate off of the Ponce De Leon/ Emilio Chaves Acequia. The rich waters of the Llano Quemado warm springs have proven to provide adequate irrigation water for growing our favorite crops such as salad mixes and greens; as well as field crops and root crops. 

During the growing season you can find us in the field planting seeds, watering the fields, cultivating the earth, and harvesting the bounty. We want our farm to produce the healthiest food for our family, and to share this harvest of goodness with you.

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